Who am I?

Victor Iturrioz here! Nice to meet you!

I’m an online marketer & digital strategist, currently employed as Senior Digital Strategist at DDB Barcelona.

Borned and raised in Barcelona.

Barça fan to the bone, and member of the Club since 1987.

Love creativity & communication.

My set of skills allow me to help brands use digital media to achieve their marketing goals from a creative and business oriented perspective.

This is my professional blog, so I write opinion posts about whatever I want, usually related to advertising, creativity, strategy and digital marketing.

You can contact me on LinkedIn.

Where does the Logo come from?

I believe that the featured image makes it pretty obvious; but here’s a little story to it.

I loved Inception at first sight. I have watched it a few times and I still do. Once, talking with a friend, he told me that he “had planted the Inception” in his boss about some campaign he wanted to run, and I realised how this concept perfectly expose our work’s nature.

Communication is about Inception.

Finding an idea. Planting its seed. Creating a perfect ecosystem so it can grow and get its full power and personality. Allowing it to define your brand, your purpose, your value proposition, on the minds of those who will turn that idea into a feeling, a believe, a certainty.

And into profit.

Since I spent many years as an independant Online Marketing Consultant, I developed my personal brand and I decided that this Totem -that anybody would recognize- would perfectly simbolize my understanding of how advertising and creativity work.